Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just the beginning

I've always been interested in history. My memories of my favorite books were biographies of Louis Braille, Harriet Tubman, and Helen Keller. I liked the excitement of learning through other people's lives.

I got my undergraduate degree in History from the U of MN, but kind of figured it was useless. Well, now I want to make it useful.

I've been working as a social worker and a therapist, and while I love the private therapy practice I have, the daily grind of social work is no longer for me. So what to do....I've decided to expand my excitement about history and genealogy and eventually translate that into a business. This blog will be a part of that.

I will share my musings on the work that I am doing on my own family history, learning about genealogy, and the practice of researching. I'll share the stories I find and the arcane bits of information.

If you know of anyone who would like to have me do a bit of research for them, let me know. At this time, as I learn my trade (so to speak), I am offering my services for free and I'll let you know the limits of my ability to discover the stories you might be looking for.

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  1. Spins, I think that I will take you up on that offer. E-mail me at when you want to get started